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Anonymous 07 December 2015
How can we start to champion the cause for London’s playing fields if we do not know where the existing pitches are and which areas might be suitable for future use? This was the question posed by our Victorian forefathers back in 1890.

Anonymous 04 June 2015
As the Foundation was responsible for laying the first pitches on Wanstead Flats in 1890 we were invited as special guests to a celebration of 125 years of football at the ground.

Anonymous 04 June 2015
Mr Edward North Buxton, Verderer of Epping Forest, was the Foundation's first Vice Chairman and Honorary Treasurer.

Anonymous 04 June 2015
On 16th July 1890 a well attended and influential meeting was held at Mansion House under the chairmanship of the Lord Mayor.

Anonymous 05 March 2015
125 years ago today the London Playing Fields Society was formed by visionary Victorians.