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First Annual Report of the LPFF

Anonymous 05 March 2015

Extracts from the first Annual Report of the London Playing Fields Committee May 1891

The origin of the LPFF may be traced to an informal meeting held on 15th November 1889 at 27 Grosvenor Square by the invitation of the Earl of Aberdeen. At this meeting it was unanimously agreed that the extent of open spaces now available for the people of London for the purpose of football, cricket etc, was wholly inadequate, and delegates from the meeting were appointed to confer with the existing "Open Spaces" Societies as to the best practicable means of supplying this want.

Invitations were then issued to several hundred cricket and football clubs, and a large and enthusiastic meeting of delegates was held on 5th March 1890 at the Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street. Lord Brassey was in the chair, and the following were among the speakers: The Hon Alfred Lyttleton, the Hon E Chandos Leigh, Lord Kinnaird and Mr Beechcroft, L.C.C.

Resolutions were passed approving the objects of the movement and confirming the action of the Provisional Committee; and a large and respresentative Committee, under the name of the London Playing Fields Committee was then appointed by the delegates, with power to add to its numbers, to carry on the work.