We believe that the best form of protection is full use and once a playing field is lost, it is lost forever. Accessing the opportunity to play sport in London is difficult given the lack of playing fields and the uneveness in their distribution, so there needs to be a long-term view on how tese places are protected and fully used.

In Sport England's playing fields policy, it states that playing fields are "one of the most important resources for sport in England but remain vulnerable to a range of development pressures".

Our Charter provides 12 indisputable calls to action that we hope key stakeholders will unite behind and implement to safeguard the future of London's playing fields so that future generations can enjoy the physical and mental health benefits of being active and playing sport.

By supporting our Charter you will be helping us in our mission to:-

  • Encourage the GLA to update the 2006 Offside Report (a pan London playing fields audit)
  • Ensure the creation of a single, London-centric website for playing fields information
  • Sign up all 33 London boroughs to adopt the LPFF Charter for Playing Fields in London
  • Highlight the need for a pro-active Fields at Risk Register
  • Advocate the need for all London boroughs to have up-to-date playing fields strategies

We can't do this without your support. Please sign up to support our Charter and join our campaign to protect playing fields in London. Email katherine.hegarty@lpff.org.uk  with your name and organisation and we will add you to our list. Thank you!


Our Charter