Case Studies

Coping Through Football

Coping Through Football participant Jason tells us in his own words how the project has affected him…

“This past year has been incredibly rewarding for me, both on a personal level, and a professional one. Personally I feel much more confident, dare I say optimistic about the future. Interpersonal skills that I had lost through ill health have been revived once more. Slowly but surely I brave the big wide world once again, and this time I feel much better equipped than when I first ventured out there.

To participate in and then pass my Level 2 Football Coaching Certificate was hugely significant. It was my Everest. I feel much more confident in voicing my opinions and care less if they aren’t to everyone’s liking. They are after all only opinions and people can take them or leave them. I maybe stating the obvious there, but often it is the case with people with my anxiety condition that not voicing your ‘true’ self is part of the problem.

Professionally I have now coached in the Coping Through Football programme, my own team mates as it were. I have coached young children and juniors with Leyton Orient Community Sports Programme, and just recently I assisted coaching, with Arsenal Academy coaches, BTEC students doing their Level 1 and 2 Certificate courses.

I will soon be starting a referees course. All courtesy of the good folks at Coping Through Football. Not too bad for a bloke who only a couple of years ago couldn’t even get past his front door!”