Rain...good for Gardeners, not for Footballers

Anonymous 24 January 2014

We knew we had spoken too soon when before Christmas we mentioned how no games had been lost due to bad weather. Little did we know we would have one of the wettest starts to 2014!

The result, unfortunately for our footballers, has been waterlogged pitches since the beginning of January. We are lucky enough to have highly experienced groundsmen at each of our grounds and they have been working tirelessly to try and get games on but with twice the average January rainfall the fates are conspiring against them. Follow us on Twitter for live updates @TheLPFF but rest assured we do everything we can to try and get your games on at the weekends.

It’s at times like these that our 3G pitch delivers and we have managed to get some games played with the facility being in almost constant use at weekends for games moved from the grass surfaces. However if you have missed a number of fixtures please don’t worry, we will help you make up the pitches during the season where we have spare capacity. Please contact Jenna Schillaci for further details on 020 7713 8684.