LPFF celebrates 125th Anniversary

Anonymous 23 January 2015

The London Playing Fields Foundation celebrated its 125th anniversary on Wednesday 21st January at City Hall in the presence of Kate Hoey MP, President of the LPFF and Helen Grant MP, Minister for Sport.

Also attending the event were a range of sporting organisations including the FA, the Premier League, ECB, Saracens and many grass roots clubs, volunteers and users of LPFF facilities. One of the special guests was former Arsenal legend Paul Davis who explained to the large gathering how his football career would never had taken off had it not been for a number of playing fields in south London where is was able to hone his skills and develop his talent.

Helen Grant MP, Minster for Sport said; “It was a pleasure to attend the 125th anniversary of the London Playing Fields Foundation. The charity does fantastic work in encouraging participation in sport and outdoor recreation as well as playing a vital role in ensuring that playing fields stay protected. I wish all connected with the charity the very best of luck for the future."

President of the LPFF and Mayor’s Commissioner for Sport Kate Hoey added;
“London Playing Fields Foundation fulfils an important strategic role in London by protecting playing fields under threat and by helping to restore them to full use which is ultimately the best form of protection. In this 125th year we want to evoke the same philanthropic zeal of our founders and ensure that future generations have a place to play sport.”