Mental health charter for sport

Anonymous 14 July 2015

London Playing Fields Foundation is one of over 150 organisations to sign up to the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation which was developed by the sports sector with the support of mental health charity Mind and Time to Change.

The Charter aims to:

• Create a welcoming, inclusive and positive environment for everyone to participate in sport and recreation

• Encourage people to talk about mental health

• Support people to seek help and support when needed

By signing up to the Charter, the LPFF is committed to taking action across the following areas:

• Use sport to promote good mental health and wellbeing

• Adopt good mental health policies and best practice

• Appoint role models and ambassadors

• Tackle discrimination on the grounds of mental health

• Support a pan-sport platform to develop and share resources and best practice

• Regularly monitor our performance

The charity has been delivering Coping Through Football, a mental health project since 2007 and is committed to supporting sport to tackle stigma around mental health.

For further information about the Charter please visit: www.sportandrecreation.org.uk/mental-health-charter 

Advice and support on mental health conditions is available through Mind’s website: www.mind.org.uk/information-support/