Head Groundsmen reach 10 year anniversary

Anonymous 10 June 2016

Two of our Head Groundsman celebrate their 10th anniversary with the charity this year.

Paul Cox and Kevin Quirke’s LPFF careers are remarkably similar with both learning the ropes under the guidance of Darren Rorie at Boston Manor Playing Field. Following a temporary spell at London Marathon Playing Field Greenwich, Kevin took on the role of acting Head Groundsman at Peter May Sports Centre before moving in 2009 to London Marathon Playing Field Greenford. Paul succeeded Kevin at Peter May Sports Centre before making the short move to Douglas Eyre Sports Centre following Colin Howard’s retirement in 2014.

Chief Executive Alex Welsh said:

“Both are outstanding groundsmen who take a real pride in their work. They also have a first class relationship with ground users providing pitches of the highest quality. Over the years they have fully demonstrated their commitment to the Foundation and are superb team players. We are truly fortunate to have them and we look forward to the next ten years with great optimism.”

Lord Cadogan presented Paul and Kevin with a commemorative gift at the charity’s AGM on 9th June.