Walking Football at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre

Anonymous 19 December 2019

On a sunny Wednesday in May the 3G pitch at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre is filled with shouting footballers, but instead of running around and launching long balls over the top they are keeping the ball on the ground and walking.

This is the over 60’s Essex Walking Football League playing in their second round of fixtures in their 6 a-side leagues. The rules are similar to 11 a-side football, but of course you are not allowed to run, although some referees may allow a brisk walk. Other rules include not allowing the ball to be played above head height and this is a non-contact version of the game. But many goals are still scored as the occasional striker will glide past a non-concentrating defender and slot one past the keeper.

The league began in November 2016 under the guidance of Kevin Watts and his colleagues at Essex County FA. They have now extended the league into three different competitions, an over 50’s division, over 60’s division and an over 65’s division. The aim is to provide players with the chance to be more physically active, meet new people, make friends and create lasting memories.

All players, coaches and supporters expressed their joy at using the facilities at Douglas Eyre, the home of the mighty Leyton Orient Walking Football team. The 3G surface at Douglas Eyre Playing Fields enables up to 8 teams to play at any one time with the remaining teams free to cheer on from side-lines. With the league now entering its fourth season and growing in popularity we hope to see more teams and players taking their turn in this fantastic set up. Keep up the great work gents!