Our Projects


Active Angels was re-launched at Peter May Sports Centre in 2015 following generous donations from guests at our 2014 Gala Dinner. The project, which was delivered in Waltham Forest between 2004 and 2010 reaching 480 girls, is currently working with pupils from Joseph Clarke School who have a visual impairment. The aim is to provide a fun and friendly way to engage the girls by tailoring the activity programme to meet their needs and by removing potential barriers to participation. Through building their confidence and self-esteem we will assist them in accessing more sessions so that they can start to develop a regular pattern of participation which can be sustained throughout their lives.

We know from research into participation rates that not only are there fewer women than men regularly playing sport, but the number of disabled people taking part is less than half that of non-disabled people. Furthermore only 12% of people with a visual impairment take part in sport for 30 minutes once a week. So by working with these teenage girls we hope to broaden their experience of sport and physical activities and support them in initiating a sporting habit for life.