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Coping Through Football is a multi-agency initiative launched in 2007 that provides an alternative approach to helping people with long term mental health problems to get their lives back on track. Working with the National Health Service (in the shape of NELFT) and Leyton Orient Trust in four London boroughs, we use the power of football to reach one of society’s most marginalised and vulnerable groups.

Recognised as a model of best practice by the Department of Health in 2010, what makes this project so successful is that it:

  • Provides a service with a difference
  • Helps service users get back a sense of identity
  • Addresses addiction problems and reduce non-prescribed drug usage
  • Promotes smoking cessation and healthier lifestyles
  • Enhances the health and well-being of service users
  • Restores lost confidence and social skills
  • Helps participants to live more independent lives

In 2018 the project marked its tenth anniversary with an event at Wembley Stadium and a reception at the House of Commons where the results of a two year evaluation by UCL were published. The report found that there was a doubling of weekly exercise and for two out of three participants (39% of whom have schizophrenia) there was a positive change in lifestyle choices around healthy eating and smoking. 54% of participants went on to volunteering, education and training or employment. The report also records that there was a 12% reduction in the number of overnight hospital stays for those who were involved in the project.

Click here to read the full report.

Please visit the Coping Through Football website for the latest news and more information about the project session times and referral process: http://www.copingthroughfootball.org/