Fast Football

Fields of Dreams

LPFF has always known that playing fields are more than parcels of open space. They are places where a passion for sport is ignited, where lifelong friendships are formed and for the talented few where careers start. These are the more obvious outcomes of the work we do, but we believe that there is a greater impact upon the local community in terms of the health benefits, improved well-being and raising aspirations.

In 2015 we commissioned research company Substance to measure the social return on investment associated with the activity generated on our largest playing field, Douglas Eyre Sports Centre. The report, entitled Fields of Dreams, makes a compelling case for the protection and full use of playing field sites based on the contribution they make to improving the lives of the people who play there. The savings that well managed playing fields can make to the public purse are stunning and should make any school or local authority considering selling off their fields to think again.

The full report and Executive Summary can be downloaded from the right hand menu.

The following LPFF video entitled “No Ball Games” released in 2012 graphically illustrates how the charity reaches and engages with the wider community through its work at Douglas Eyre Sports Centre.