What We Do

Help and Advice

Once a playing field is lost, it is lost forever. That is why we need to make sure effective protection measures are in place so that the long term future of London’s playing fields is safeguarded.

In order to do this we are:-

  1. Campaigning for an comprehensive audit of all London’s playing fields
  2. Compiling a Fields at Risk Register
  3. Working with national governing bodies of sport on a strategic approach to playing field investment
  4. Encouraging all London boroughs to complete a playing pitch strategy

If you are concerned about the loss of a local field please contact us for help. We offer three levels of support to clubs, residents, local authorities or other organisations.

  1. Provide arms length advice to local partners on ways in which the field can be restored to full use
  2. Work on a consultancy basis to help local partners in the production of feasibility studies including sports development, facility and funding plans
  3. Acquire the site on a freehold or long leasehold basis

Playing Fields in London

The Facts

  • London has 16% of the country’s population but only 8% of its playing fields
  • There are 1,500 playing fields in london but the distribution is very uneven – London Borough of Barnet has 97 playing fields whereas the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has 4
  • London has more professional football clubs of any city in the world yet in some boroughs grassroots football participation is 50% less than the national average
  • In 1991 there were 1,126 grass cricket wickets in London but 20 years later this figure had fallen by 40%. Over the same period the number of grass football pitches had suffered a 20% loss
  • One hectare of playing field absorbs more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than a hectare of forest and provides enough oxygen for 150 people to breathe (Societe Francaise des Gazons)
  • The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs calculates that the benefits of living with a view of green space are worth up to £300 per person per year

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